Bridge Policies

Here you can define rules to bypass IP-based stations like PC or servers.
That means, the internet traffic of that specific station still goes through the appliance, but leaves untouched.
Further information to the bridge mode can be found in the manual.

The following steps are required to create a bridge policy:

  1. Select Add
  2. Choose, if the appliance has to check the internet traffic for mail (Proxy) or if the appliance should leave the traffic for this policy untouched (Bypass)
  3. Enter a comment for the policy (this could be a policy name)
  4. Select Source and Target. Here it is possible to choose between "any host", or a specific Client IP or a specific network
  5. Confirm the changes with "Save"
  6. Move the policy via drag&drop to the desired Position. Policies are processed from top to bottom
  7. Confirm the changes with the "Apply policies" button