MailSealer Certificates

Certificates are required so that the MailSealer can work correctly, these certificates are managed here.

  • The certificate management includes private, public, certificate authorities and the Reddoxx CA
  • Certificates can be added, exported or deleted
  • The Trust status for certificates can be adjusted with a right click -> Trust Status (Normal,Trusted,Untrusted)
  • In order to encrypt a mail via S/MIME the public key of the recipient, the private key of the sender and the key of the certificate authority is required
  • When using the REDDOXX CA, private keys can be automatically created, if configured in the settings

Certificates are checked for validity when they are added (Validity period, Revocation Lists, Certificate Chain) and when they are used for incoming or outgoing E-Mails.
The following Trust States are possible:

  • Normal: The certificate is checked for validity/trustworthiness
  • Trusted: The certificate is not checked. It is trustworthy.
  • Untrusted: The certificate is not checked. It is not trustworthy.