2033 Beta (2.3.2798)

Release Notes - Version 2033 Beta

System requirements and important notes
•2 GB RAM minimum required.
•Bridge mode is not supported anymore. The update will be cancelled with an error.
•The update needs, according to the performance of the hardware, between 5 and 10 minutes. During this time, the services will be offline.
•In a cluster, this time the update is started on both nodes simultaneously, so that the services will be offline between 5 to 10 minutes.
•The Spamfinder filter SRC was removed.


•New operating system (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS).
•Support for hypervisor VirtualBox.
•Support for hypervisor KVM.
•Enhanced driver support for Hyper-V (especially Generation-2).
•Accelerated appliance boot.
•New Outlook Plugin.
•New Smartphone App for iOS and Android.
•Support TLS 1.2 for User Interfaces / Apps.

User Interfaces
•New Outlook Plugin.
•New Smartphone App for iOS and Android.
•Support TLS 1.2 for User Interfaces / Apps.
•In the spam quarantine queue multiple deputies can be searched in one go (as like in the MailDepot before only).
•The Spam and CISS quarantine where put together in one common tab.

•In a cluster, both DNS servers are used as a ping resource beside the gateway.
•Integration of LetsEncrypt certificate requests for HTTP/s und TLS.
•Top level domain (TLD) names now can have more than 3 digits (up to 255).
•CIFS Storages now support different SMB protocol versions.
•NFS Storages now support different NFS protocol versions.
•Local Domains now support LDAP via SSL (Compatibility with Microsoft Ldap Update in march 2020).

•User import for CSV files available.

•The administrator can download emails from the virus quarantine for analysis purposes.
•Filter profiles had been adjusted. The DBL/ABL/SBL actions (mark,quarantine,decline) are now processed inside the associated filter lists.

•Support for journal archiving from a Microsoft Exchange 2019 via the POP3 connector.
•Support import from a Microsoft Exchange 2019.

•More than one personal Certificate Authority (CA) can be created.
•Download of personal CA and key.
•Certificate store can be searched.
•Integration of RSASSA-PSS and RSAES-OAEP algorithm.
•The certificate chain of the signing certificate can be attached.
•Enhanced support for OCSP and CRL.
•Public certificates now can be uploaded within a zip file.

•Added a block size parameter in the storage performance diagnose.

•Fixed wrong SNMP value for SMTP Queue Length.
•Fixed occasional connection errors in the GUI by increasing the timeout from 30 to 120 seconds.

The following issues with this service pack and corresponding hotfixes or workarounds are known.
You can install the corresponding hotfixes via Firmware Diagnose -> Hotfixes -> Install.

Date Issue title Issue description Workaround / Hotfix
17.04.2020 Hotfix atop Internal Hotfix 05-atop
25.03.2020 Hotfix bash-completion Internal Hotfix 04-bash-completion
25.03.2020 Hotfix watchdog Fix for Service Monitoring 03-watchdog
25.03.2020 Hotfix ntp-diag Adjustments for Network Time Diagnose 02-ntp-diag
05.03.2020 Hotfix letsencrypt Fix for certificate renewal 01-letsencrypt